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>  > LPS Stationery Attends The 2018 Frankfurt Paperworld Fair

LPS Stationery Attends The 2018 Frankfurt Paperworld Fair Date:2018.02.01

LPS Stationery Attends The 2018 Frankfurt Paperworld Fair




Frankfurt Paperworld Fair is held in the exhibition center of Frankfurt, Germany from Jan. 27 to Jan. 30, 2018, lepusheng stationery company attends the fair with the newest style correction tape, glue tape and art supplies. Let us see what lepusheng stationery brings our customers in 2018.




As a factory specialized in manufacturing stationery products, LPS Stationery insists on original design, we carry forward “Spirit of the craftsman” to produce more high quality stationery products.



Moreover, we release the newest glue tape roller NO.215. Our sub-brand Art Fan art supplies also attracts many new and old customers.



Lepusheng Stationery shows many new design model of stationery products at the fair, and they are very popular with customers.



Through the Frankfurt exhibition, LPS shows a good stationery brand image, with the original design style and great quality, excellent enterprise advantages to attract many Europe and the United States customers.




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