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新葡京 799c投注网
Guangdong Lepusheng Stationery Co.,Ltd.
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新葡京 799c投注网


新葡京 799c投注网
【OEM Program】
LPS welcomes all ideas of customizing our existing products. The group of versatile designers and engineers are here to adjust the products exactly to your market needs. Possible changes:

·Refill size of correction tape
·Volume of correction fluid
·Printing your logo
·Change type and artwork on the package
·According to your artwork, or create an artwork especially for you
·Size of the boxes, displays and cartons can be customized the way you wish.


【ODM Program】
Sometimes custom-made products are the only solution to get exactly the product that is required and desired. We customize certain products according your wishes. We readily offer our expertise to you:

·Our purchasing department will find all types of accessible materials to create your product.
·Our R&D engineers will make sure the technical design is economic and optimal.
·Our outlook designers will work together with you on the look of your product.
·All to help you be competitive and creative on your market.
·The evaluation of the process can be discussed right after receiving your details & requirements
·The delivery date varies depending on the type and difficulty of the order.


【Delivery Service】

We seek to make sure that your order is being delivered according to schedule and in the fastest way possible.


【Technical Support】

We provide technical support to customers if you have any questions on the products


We have high standard of QC procedure before, during and after production as a guarantee to achieve export quality. And we can produce certain percentage of the spare quantity according to customer order quantity. And we have guarantee on the material.
新葡京 799c投注网